My books include critically acclaimed histories of the Routemaster bus, the LP record, the sale of London Bridge to America (as ‘the world’s largest antique’) and the English seaside resort.

A Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People’s Institution was published by Jonathan Cape in June 2016 and described as ‘a fascinating, informative, revelatory book’ by William Boyd in The Guardian.

The Atlas of Improbable Places, a collaboration with the cartographer Alan Horsfield and specially commissioned by the publisher Aurum, appeared in September 2016 and was saluted by Monocle magazine for ‘making the world feel bigger.’ In July 2021 it was issued in a new compact paperback edition.

A sequel of sorts, Atlas of the Unexpected, was published by the White Lion imprint in 2018.

Following on from the anthologies Being a Writer, co-compiled with the novelist Helen Gordon, and Our History of the 20th Century: As Told in Diaries, Journals and Letters published in 2017 by Aurum and Michael O’Mara Books, respectively,  my most recent compendiums have been Letters to Change the World: From Pankhurst to Martin Luther King, Jr issued by Ebury Press in September 2018 (and in a revised paperback edition in July 2021) and Bus Fare: Collected Writing on London’s Most Loved Means of Transport, co-edited with Joe Kerr, issued by AA Publishing in October 2018.

Atlas of Vanishing Places was published by White Lion in September 2019 and was the winner of the DK Eyewitness Illustrated Book of the Year in the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2020.

My latest book, Through the Looking Glasses: The Spectacular Life of Spectacles, was published in July 2021 to immediate acclaim, declared ‘fascinating’ by The Observer,  while New Statesman stated, ‘It will make you look at specs with fresh eyes.’

Atlas of Forgotten Places is forthcoming from White Lion.

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