London Bridge in America: Out February 7th 2013

Coming soon, “London Bridge in America: the tall story of a transatlantic crossing” (Jonathan Cape, February 2013)

In 1968 London Bridge went to America.

But how do you transport a 130-year-old bridge 3,000 miles? And why did Robert P. McCulloch, a multimillionaire oil baron and chainsaw-manufacturing king, buy it? Why did he ship it to a waterless patch of Arizona? Did he even get the right bridge?

London Bridge in America is the story of one of the oddest events in Anglo-American history, and a gloriously entertaining insight into Britain, America and the so-called special relationship both then and now. It also includes a cast of Fleet Street shysters, stiff-lipped bureaucrats, Disneyland designers, Thames dockers, Guinness Book of Records officials, the odd Lord Mayor, a megalomaniac entrepreneur, gun-toting US sheriffs and an Apache Indian or two.

Listen to the audio trailer:

A colourful, witty and quirky keyhole history, this is a story it’s hard to believe, let alone forget.

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