London Bridge… recommended by Stanfords books


Gregor Swiderek reviews:
London Bridge in America: The Tall Story of a Transatlantic Crossing
Travis Elborough
“A book that’s doing the rounds among Stanfords staff (testament to how interesting and well-written it is) is Travis Elborough’s London Bridge in America, which Gregor is just coming to the end of, though admittedly he’s slowing down so he can hold onto it for a little longer. It tells the story of one of the most peculiar events in Anglo-American history, when in 1968 Arizona’s McCulloch Oil Corporation bought London Bridge. Brick by brick, this 1831 London icon was dismantled before being reconstructed in the emptiness of the Arizonan desert. But the book goes a little deeper than a description of the event per se, shedding light on Anglo-American relations and stereotyped national characteristics.”

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