The London Bridge moves to Lake Havasu City


Oct. 10, 1971: The London Bridge is dedicated at its new home at Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Bought in 1968, the bridge pieces were shipped from London and reassembled.

Dick Turpin, Real Estate Editor, reported in the next morning’s Los Angeles Times:

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. – A bizarre ceremony combining hoary English pomp and Arizona informality put the venerable London Bridge back to work here Sunday as 25,000 witnessed an unlikely pageant.

Industrialist Robert P. McCulloch Sr. (oil, chainsaws and real estate), as the city’s founder, hosted Sir Peter M. Studd, lord mayor of London, a retinue of aldermen, other London officials, their ladies and 17th century pikemen at the dedication of the granite antique….

McCullough bought the 140-year-old bridge for $2.46 million from the city of London. It could no longer accommodate modern London traffic and had to be replaced.

The project has cost more than $7 million…

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