How We Used to Live – plus Q&A Phoenix Oxford 10 July

How We Used to Live - plus Q&A Phoenix Oxford 10 July

After the screening we’re delighted to welcome director Paul Kelly and writer Travis Elborough. Plus short film OXFORD, 1958 (18 mins) A look at the traditions and students of Oxford University and the character of this city of ancient buildings and young minds.

Using archive footage from the British Film Institute, HOW WE USED TO LIVE is a love letter to London, written in the language of its social history from the 1950s to the 1980s.

In a previous life director Paul Kelly played with indie group Saint Etienne, and their vocalist, Sarah Cracknell, and keyboard player, Pete Wiggs, provide a fittingly energetic soundtrack to the images of a city in constant motion and development.

Ian McShane’s wryly perceptive narration charts the progress that we may have taken for granted as London clambered out of the bleak aftermath of World War II and towards the harsh realities of Thatcherism.

Kelly’s skill is in choosing the most expressive images, whether of familiar but changing cityscapes or of punks being gleefully obnoxious. His film exudes an intoxicating realism.’

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