Video: Book of the Day, Boris Farkaš recommends the Slovakian edition of Atlas of Improbable Places

Book of the Day:
Boris Farkaš presents a travelogue Atlas of the Incredible Places.

‘Plaice, catfish, carp, and catches from Lake Aral were once so varied and rich that they made up one-sixth of all fish consumed in the entire Soviet Union. after thousands of fishermen in this city, however, there is no shortage, as well as after the turbulent waters full of fish. the fleet of once-functioning fishing vessels was stranded as the surface receded. the rusty wrecks, squatting on the parched dunes, form a finished cemetery of ships, their propellers and rudders longing for water sticking into emptiness and evoke compassion or even a sense of impropriety. I have chosen for you a book full of curiosities and interesting information about the strangest and most fantastic places on this planet. it’s a travelogue that took me all over the world. I read about the church tower in San Juan Parangaricutiro, the only monument to the city that was engulfed by lava. about an underground river in the Philippines, reminiscent of a shot from some big-story fantasy film. on the way to the pages of the book, I also traveled, for example, to the floating world of Palmerstone, which is only at the end of the world. The author of the book, Travis Elborough, took care to present to us everything bizarre, interesting and fascinating on this planet. In this travelogue, I especially appreciate the fact that he not only brought me factual information, but also looks at places from a broader, more comprehensive perspective. These incredible places are associated with the legends, myths and superstitions that the book contains in various local variations. thanks to this, I think that rather than scientific literature, this book is more a statement about the relationship between man and the world around us.’

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